Monthly Sex Holidays

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Sexual Wellness Month

-Week 1: Do kegel exercises for stronger and more intense orgasms.

-Week 2: Do yoga for better sex and more flexibility in the bedroom.

-Week 3: Get in better sex shape by having more of it! Try out new positions and a sex swing for variety and a workout.

-Week 4: Feel sexy and workout by learning new dance moves for your lover or yourself with pole and lap dancing techniques.

Month of Love

-Week 1: Love yourself by pleasuring yourself with these sex toys for women and men.

-Week 2: Valentine's Week - Celebrate everyday this week with your lover or yourself by doing something naughty.

-Week 3: National Heart Month - Sex is great for your heart so love yourself by working it out for better health with these naughty sex positions.

-Week 4: National Condom Month - Love yourself by protecting yourself with flavored condoms for blow jobs, thin condoms for more sensation and mint condoms for a tingly feeling.

Masturbating March
Win weekly prizes from Screaming O by participating in Masturbating March!

-Week 1: Women learn this week how to pleasure yourself...who says you need a man to make you happy. Read my article on "Secrets to the Female Orgasm".

-Week 2: Guys don't need much help when it comes to masturbating as you're usually already pros on that subject. But here are some toys to help you "Rock Your Cock" to add more to your masturbation sessions.

-Week 3: Give yourself some self-love by masturbating using these toys for men and women.

-Week 4: Masturbation isn't just for solo play, try masturbating in front of your partner and getting off that way with these toys for couples.

April Showers

-Week 1: Stay wet in the shower or bath with silicone-based lubricants.

-Week 2: Have "Sex in the Shower" with your lover and spice up your sex life with these amazing shower products.

-Week 3: Solo shower sex by using a shower dildo and cleaning your naughty bits with a vibrating sponge.

-Week 4: Turn bath time into play time with shaving templates, massage jelly mitt, waterproof vibrators, rubber duckies and bath sex games.

May Massage

-Week 1: Handjobs - Give your partner or yourself a hand massage with the following products to take your hang job to the next level; cooling lubes, warming lubes, lubes, vibrating cockrings and Tickle His Pickle book.

-Week 2: Pussy Massage - There's more to the pussy than just the clit, give your lover or yourself an orgamic massage with the following items; climax creme, cooling balm, warming balm, lubes, Tickle Your Fancy book and Massage the G-Spot book.

-Week 3: Erotic Massage - What better way to explore your lovers body and find all their hot spots than by giving them an erotic massage with the following items to help; massage oils, hot massage, warming lotion, erotic massage cards and erotic massage books.

-Week 4: Anal Massage - Who doesn't love a good bum massage? And what better way to help relax your partner for anal sex than with an anal massage along with trying a few of these items; Tickle My Tush book, Anal Sex For Women Guide, Anal Sex For Men Guide, anal eze and anal lubes.

-Bonus Week: Massage Toys - Try out the products suggested to take your erotic massage to the next level but remember to keep using your hands as touch is very powerful; male g-spot stimulator, hitachi wand, restraints, blindfolds and female g-spot vibrator.

Month of Cocks

-Week 1: Fuck A Porn Star - Or at least pretend you are with many of the porn star pussy casts & dolls available on the market. This would be a great Father's Day gift for the man in your life.

-Week 2: Supersize Your Shaft - Penis pumps are a great sex toy for masturbating and using with a lover as they can make your cock temporarily bigger and help you to last longer.

-Week 3: Rock Your Cock - Give your cock some much needed attention this month by trying out different sex toys such as pop rocks, Tri-O Triple Pleasure Ring, Tenga Flip Hole, Trio Pump Set, Zeus Ring Massager, Universal Power Harness, Roto-bator and Men's Pleasure Wand.

-Week 4: Swingers - You don't have to sleep with other couples to be a swinger. Instead invest in a naughty swing to spice things up in the bedroom with your lover by trying out the Fetish Fantasy Swing, Fetish Fantasy Door Swing, Fetish Fantasy Swing Stand or the Leather Sling. If your new to sex swings, then check out this instructional DVD to learn some naughty positions to try out.

Kinky July

-Week 1: Spanking - Add a little spanking into your love making this week, whether with your partner or solo, with these paddles or floggers.

-Week 2: Bondage - Why not tie up your lover, in order to heigthen their arousal and senses, with the following bondage items.

-Week 3: Chastity Play - What better way to really turn your lover on and get them excited by denying them an orgasm. Add chastity play to your sex life to spice things up.

-Week 4: Fetish Play - Here are some other fetishes to try to see which one you like best; shock therapy, nipple clamps, candle wax, dominant diva and ball stretching.

Sex Education Month

-Week 1: How To Eat Pussy - The Pussy isn't just about the clit, explore other areas when going down south with these items; oral books, nipple toys, dildos, vibrators, bullets, feather ticklers, bondage items, oral sex stool and oral sex furniture. Learn more here.

-Week 2: How To Give Good Head - The cock is just like the pussy, so much more to it than just the head and shaft. Men love their balls, taint and ass played with too. When giving your lover a blow job try these items to spice it up; cockrings, prostate massager, penis pumps, sleeves, anal toys, warming lubes, cooling lubes, cock ties, anal cock rings, ball banger and cockring whips. Learn more here.

-Week 3: Anal Play - Anal sex is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom with your lover or on your own. Anal play isn't just for women, straight men can enjoy it too. Here are some suggestions for adding anal play into your sex life; anal sex toys, prostate massagers for men, anal lubes, dental dams, finger vibrators for massaging outside of the anal hole, dual penetrator, strap-ons, triple vibrators and double dongs. Learn more here.

-Week 4: Orgasm In Any Position For A Woman - Many women can only cum one way or not at all during sex. But now you can learn to cum in any position; it all starts in the mind. Plus you need to take the time to learn more about your body and what you like on your own. Read more about how to cum in any position here on August 22nd. Here are some suggestions to help you; sex positions, nipple play, sex furniture, warming lubes and cooling lubes.

Pussy Awareness Month

-Week 1: Keep your pussy healthy with tips on my blog. September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month so celebrate by wearing teal or painting your nails teal.

-Week 2: Keep your pussy fit with kegel exercises. Follow my tips on my blog to learn how to do kegel exercises.

-Week 3: Love your pussy with these toys for solo or partner play.

-Week 4: Show off your pussy with a sexy photo shoot or your very own pussy sculpture! This week sleep naked, go pantiless and walk around your house naked!

-Bonus Week: Men can take part in Pussy Awareness Month by getting to know their lovers pussy better with my blog articles: How To Eat Pussy and Secrets To The Female Orgasm.

Naughty October

-Week 1: You don't have to dress up only for Halloween. Instead dress up daily or once a week for your lover by living out your fantasies with one of the many Halloween costumes.

-Week 2: Naughty Decorating - Decorate this month with tips on how to make your house more naughty for Halloween.

-Week 3: Celebrate being naughty this month with Halloween sex toys. Don't just dress up, play with themed sex toys to make your fantasies more real.

-Week 4: Cast a sex spell on your lover this Halloween with my naughty tips.

Movember - Prostate Awareness Month

-Week 1: Movember - Save Your Life With This Article On Prostate Awareness Month.

-Week 2: Keep your prostate fit and improve your sex life with these simple exercises.

-Week 3: Love your prostate with these naughty prostate massagers for men. Read my blog to find out the top 5 prostate massagers for men.

-Week 4: Love your man's prostate with these naughty and fun sex tips for prostate play.

Month of Naughty Giving

-Week 1: What better gift to give your lover this month than a handjob! Learn tips on giving your lover a helping hand with a handjob.

-Week 2: Give your lover a gift that will blow his mind, literally, with my naughty blowjob tips.

-Week 3: Gift Guide for Women - Give her the best present by going down on her with these oral sex tips.

-Week 4: Give the best gift of all this holiday season...anal sex!

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